Fat Crayon Radio #003 w/ DJ Kinnari & Adison Fernando

Fat Crayon Radio #003 w/ DJ Kinnari & Adison Fernando

At Fat Crayon we like to invite our close friends and family of the brand to share their shared passion for music. This time we invited DJ Kinnari and Adison Fernando, read their small interviews down below and enjoy their sets.

Introduce yourself, how can the listeners know you?

My name is DJ Kinnari, I am currently 24 years old and I’m from Amsterdam. I’ve been deejaying for about 4 years now, mainly in Amsterdam but also in Rotterdam. I work in a women's streetwear store, called MAHA. That’s it basically, I think that people mainly know me from parties and events, where I deejayed when parties were still possible.

How have you tried to fill that gap lately, as there are far fewer options in the current state of the world?

I'm mostly working on mixtapes nowadays, to post on Soundcloud and things like radio shows are really cool to do. I’m very happy that there’s the possibility to do stuff like this in these weird times. At the moment im primarily focussing on live streams, radio shows and mixtapes.

What are we going to listen to today?

Today I have a mix of different genres, different type of hip hop tunes, mostly old school. There are also some songs with a big jazz influence, but I'm also heading towards the UK garage/grime scene because that's where my personal interest lies. I used to watch grime yard, this was a program on Slam FM back in the days, I was really interested in this because it was something new for that time. I still think it’s very cool to deejay with these type of songs, so thats what you’ll hear from me today.

Have you been working within these genres for a while now, or are these newly found interests?

I've been working on these genres for quite a while now, but it's a process. Sometimes I am more involved with hip-hop, and other times with r&b, jazz or soul. It goes in all directions but I really try to look for what suits me most and in that aspect I always try to develop myself, I’m always looking for new music.

Is there anything more to come in the near future that listeners should pay attention to?

If the listeners want to, they can keep an eye on my Soundcoud, I plan to drop more on there soon. I’m also working on some projects in combination with my work so I hope to be able to reveal that sometime in the near future.

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Who do we have the pleasure of meeting today?

Yo my name is Adison Fernando Dos Reis, I’m a DJ and a soul trying to get the best out of life!

What are we going to listen to today?

I usually play Cape Verdean vinyl, so mainly vinyl from the 50s to the 90s. I’ll also be playing some new stuff but mostly old Cape Verdean songs for today.

Where can you find these specific vinyls?

Thats a really good question, Mostly record stores, second hand stores and record fairs. I’m lucky that I’m part of the Cape Verdean community so I also get a lot of people who, for example, still had old records in their basement and know that I have loads of interest in them, so I often receive their records as a gift.

Is there herefore a great emotional value associated with your record collection?

Yes man, for sure, the basis of my collection belonged to my father. More than half of my collection are records that belonged to him, so that adds an emotional value. Often the records I received from my uncles and aunts have nice little messages on the back, they got these records as a gift in their time. So that’s really nice to see. Music really is emotion.

Is there anything you want to tell us about your set today?

Yeah for sure. I think it’s great to show the diversity of Cape Verdean music especially nowadays. People often have a certain idea of Cape Verdean music like Funana or Morna, but there is much more music that cannot be placed under one genre, of which you will hear that the basis is Cape Verdean influenced.

Is there anything more to come in the near future that listeners should pay attention to?

Check my soundcloud. My first tape is on there and you can always check my instagram, I’m also working on some projects. Besides deejaying I also do a lot in the music and acting world. So if you want to stay informed, go check it out.

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